Terms and Conditions

I give consent for my son/daughter to participate in the Worthys Youth Football Club events and agree to the conditions outlined below. I accept that it is my responsibility to inform the club directly of any changes to the details recorded on this form.

Code of Conduct

The Club’s ‘Code of Conduct’ policy covers the expected conduct of coaches,  players, officials, parents and supporters and is available from the Club website under 'Documents'

The terms apply to all matches, training sessions and other events associated with the Club.

Please take time to read the Code of Conduct and go through the section relating to Players with your child.

By ticking the Terms and Conditions box you are accepting the Code of Conduct as a condition of membership.

Child Protection 

The Club has a simple code of practice and supporting procedures which are in
line with FA guidelines. This governs how the Club is run together with specific
details on the recruitment of staff and volunteers, prevention of abuse and
procedures in place if abuse is alleged or suspected during matches or training.
As we are sure can be appreciated, it is impractical to undertake CRB checks on
all parents/guardians. We will therefore adopt the approach that
parents/guardians give their consent to their children being transported by other
parents/guardians unless we are informed otherwise.
Please confirm your agreement to these procedures and assumption.


It is your responsibility to arrange safe travel and to ensure your child is
dropped off and collected from training sessions and matches at the correct
time. The club takes responsibility when the child is passed to their care at the
specified location until the child is collected by the appropriate person. Your
responsibility includes the provision of booster seats, where necessary, to
comply with current legislation (ie required where a child is less than 1.35m or
12 years of age).

Images & Personalisation

At times the Club may wish to take photos or videos of the team or individuals
within it. We adhere to the FA guidelines on child protection to ensure that
these are safe and respectful and used solely for the purpose they are intended
which is the promotion and celebration of the activities of the Club and for
training purposes.

Additionally, children often wear clothing, associated with Worthys YFC, which
has added personalisation (eg on hoodies, rain jackets, hats etc). However, it
should be brought to your attention that this may lead to the identification of
your child. The FA gives assurance that they encourage the taking of
appropriate images of children in football but as a Club we wish to make you
aware of the potential pitfalls that identification can have.

Please confirm you acknowledge the above and
accept that it is your personal decision to allow
your child to wear personalised clothing.


Each team member receiving a kit from the Club must abide by the following
a) The kit remains the property of the Club.
b) Kit must be kept in good condition (eg washed after every match).
c) The kit should only be worn during matches or on occasions when
specifically requested by the manager. It should not be worn for training
sessions or for general leisure.
d) Lost or damaged kit must be replaced at the expense of the player or
e) Kit must be returned in an acceptable condition when a player leaves the
f) Players leaving the Club, who do not return the kit in an acceptable
condition, will be charged at the replacement cost of a kit.
g) Kit that becomes outgrown, damaged or worn out through normal use will
be replaced by the Club.
h) All kit should be returned to the manager after the last game of the
season or when requested, if sooner.
Failure to comply with the above will affect the player’s ability to play for the